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For the last year, I've been pouring every spare minute into researching and writing a Bible study on the worth of women in the storyline of the Bible, and guess what?!! It's FINALLY ready to share with the world!

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Her God Speaks exists to help women hear, know, and glorify God through intentional, Christ-centered engagement with the Bible and theology. Each series is designed to connect the study of Scripture to real, everyday life. 

His truth for her life in every circumstance, for every season

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5 Ways to Get More out of Bible study

"Such a breath of fresh air. Real, raw, empowering. Thank you for being so transparent, personal, and compassionate."

- Katie S.

"The 'Hard Feelings' series in particular got me. The pacing is great, the exposition of the text is solid and fun, the conversations are insightful, and the stories are raw and full of hope. I've gotten a lot out of this podcast and totally recommend it. "

- Hope H.

"Aprile is such a wonderful teacher! I'm so excited that she is doing this! I've been looking for something like this for so long!"

- Julia A.

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Hey, I'm Aprile!

I'm a wife, boy mom, and bible teacher who loves to help women behold God in the pages of their bibles.

Being home is my favorite. Cooking makes me really happy. Tacos are my love language. Watching the Food Network or Gilmore Girls (for the hundredth time) is the best way to do nothing. Coffee is life. 

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