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Welcome back to the God in the Psalms series where we are diving into the attributes of God as we study some of the most beloved Psalms together. In this episode Aprile teaches through Psalm 139, which is a passage we often read in “selfie mode.” In other words, we know and love that we […]

GOD in the Psalms Series S3E2: Psalm 139

God, God in the Psalms Series, Psalms

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Welcome to the GOD in the Psalm series! In this episode you’ll learn about all the introductory stuff: genre, author, dating, historical context, theme, etc.. If you think that sounds boring, I don’t blame you. I hope you’ll give me a chance to change your mind though. {wink, wink} Links You can download the chart […]

GOD in the Psalms Series S3E1: The Introduction

God, God in the Psalms Series, Psalms

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Her God Speaks S2 E8: No Longer Any Curse {Rev. 21 & 22}

In this final episode of the SHE series we look ahead to the new creation in search of how the worth of women is put on display at the very end of the biblical storyline. What we find is that the Bible ends in the same way it begins – with a focus on men […]

biblical womanhood, Eternity, Revelation, SHE Series

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As we continue through the storyline of the Bible in search of what God communicates about the worth of women, we find ourselves in the New Testament epistles, which – let’s be honest – are not exactly brimming with positive affirmations of a woman’s worth. Or so it seems. In this episode, I seek to […]

Her God Speaks S2 E7: Fellow Heirs of the Grace of Life {1 Peter 3:1-7}

1 Peter, biblical womanhood, Marriage, SHE Series, Submission

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If we want to know what God is like, the best thing we can do is look at Jesus. It stands to reason, then, that clearest expression of God’s heart for women is on display in the Gospels where we see story after story of Jesus defying social convention in order to love women well. […]

Her God Speaks S2 E6: Daughter, Your Faith Has Saved You {Luke 8:40-56}

biblical womanhood, Luke, SHE Series

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Her God Speaks S2 E5: Be Quiet, My Sister {2 Samuel 13}

In this episode we continue to set our eyes on the worth of women in the storyline of the Bible. We’re still in the sad part of the story – the fall. The topic of today’s teaching is an aspect of womanhood that doesn’t get much attention in the church, but should. It’s the topic […]

2 Samuel, Abuse, biblical womanhood, SHE Series

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What happens when a man listens to a woman? The entire world falls into ruin and chaos, or so the story goes, right? Not exactly. While Genesis 3 has been used throughout church history to both criticize and silence women, a careful study of this passage from a whole-Bible perspective paints a much different picture. […]

Her God Speaks S2 E4: They Knew They Were Naked {Genesis 3}

biblical womanhood, Genesis, SHE Series

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In this bonus episode I get to interview Elyse Fitzpatrick and Eric Schumacher, the co-authors of my favorite book on biblical womanhood – Worthy: A Celebration of the Value of Women. This book released not long before I started my deep-dive into researching for the SHE Bible study, and I cannot even put into words […]

Her God Speaks: S2 Bonus Episode with Elyse Fitzpatrick and Eric Schumacher

biblical womanhood, SHE Series

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Her God Speaks S2 E3: Not Good {Genesis 2}

There was only one thing that God deemed “not good” about His creation: there was no woman. In this episode we explore a woman’s worth as revealed in Genesis 2 and find that far from being a second thought or a “plan B”, the woman was – and still is – essential to God’s mission […]

biblical womanhood, Genesis, SHE Series

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There’s a lot of talk in conservative Christian circles about the differences between men and women, and for good reason. But did you know that the Bible opens with what men and women have in common? We share a name – mankind; a nature – made in the image of God; and a mission – to rule, subdue, […]

Her God Speaks S2 E2: In the Image of God {Genesis 1}

biblical womanhood, Genesis, SHE Series

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