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New year, new podcast! I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you, friends! The title of the first official Her God Speaks podcast series is the one simple, yet oh-so-powerful pronoun: SHE. This series will be a journey through the storyline of the Bible with eyes wide open to the intrinsic worth of […]

New “SHE” Podcast Series Launching Soon!

biblical womanhood, SHE Series

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5 Ways to Get More out of Bible study

"Such a breath of fresh air. Real, raw, empowering. Thank you for being so transparent, personal, and compassionate."

- Katie S.

"The 'Hard Feelings' series in particular got me. The pacing is great, the exposition of the text is solid and fun, the conversations are insightful, and the stories are raw and full of hope. I've gotten a lot out of this podcast and totally recommend it. "

- Hope H.

"Aprile is such a wonderful teacher! I'm so excited that she is doing this! I've been looking for something like this for so long!"

- Julia A.

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